Telecommunication (BTS & RF Training)

Training Duration - 30-180 Days Depends Upon Requirements

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Qualification :- BE / B.Tech / Diploma / EC, EC, EN, CS, IT

Why Telecom Industry ?

In today’s world, communication is the part and parcel of everybody’s life and telecom is the biggest path of communication. Telecom, growing at the speed of light, is not only the requirement for biz world activities but even, remaining disconnected from the rest of the world can be barely an imagination.

Telecom opens up a vast window of opportunities for skillful and qualified students. Besides, government initiatives, increased hovering of private telecom giants has also revealed new gateways in the market.

Highly skilled and dedicated individuals can thus, opt for this ever expanding world of telecom. SIPL Training helps engineering graduates expand their knowledge and skills in telecom by proving them live practical classes on telecom network elements, other than theoretical classes.

A career in telecommunications:Names of the Telecom Giants, famous within India:

Telecoms engineering is a fast-paced sector where graduates can work with cutting edge technology and have a global impact.

Scope:-Names of the Telecom Giants, famous within India:

Service Providers::


Idea Cellular,




Reliance Jio,


Uninor (Telenor),



The telecom industry is growing at a great pace and the growth rate is expected to double with every passing year. There are many new developments in the telecomm sector that the Indian market is witnessing at present.You can start your career with these profiles BTS Engineer , RF Engineer , Commissioning Engineer , Site Engineer , DT Engineer.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (Electronic):




Alcatel Lucent


Passive Infrastructure Companies::

Bharti Infratel

American Towers (ATC)

Reliance Infratel

GTL Infrastructure

VIOM Networks

Tower Vision

Job Profiles:In telecom, fresh engineering graduates can explore the possibility to work in a variety of roles as:

Commissioning Engineer

Site Engineer

Site Engineer

Radio Frequency (RF)Engineer

Network Engineer

Core Engineer

IN/VAS Engineer

Drive Test (DT) Engineer

Survey Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Deployment Engineer

Telecom Course Contents

• Introduction (Trainer and Trainee)
• Engg. Fundamentals
• Basic Communication Fundamentals
• Signals (types , traffic ,conversion of A/D or D/A)
• Wave Propagation and losses considered
• Antenna (GSM ,MW)
• Modulation
• Transmission media
• Wireless communication (types, classification)
• Frequency reuse
• Bands for GSM
• BSC and MSC Basics
• SM Architecture
• GSM Services
• Handovers
• Call flow
• Terminologies
• Speech processing flow
• Authentication
• Channels concept
• Site elements
• Site Installation Practices and Materials
• BTS and Transmission product portfolio
• Nokia BTS Products (Description and Application)
• Pre Installation Procedure and Work Flow
• Pre-requisites for Installation
• Installation Procedure
• Flexi BTS + Transmission installation
• Physical Assembly of Microwave Parts
• Commissioning of BTS and Microwave
• BTS Integration
• Alarms Description and Trouble Shooting
• Microwave Alignment
• RF Survey and Planning
• Operations and Maintenance
• Site Etiquettes
• Career Path of a Telecom Engineer
• Site survey ,EMF ,RFID , LOS
• Basic overview of transmission
• Basic overview of SDH and PDH
• Basic overview all survey

Professional Telecom Training Modules

ID Training Module Duration Start Date
SIPLMOD001 BTS & RF 35-45 Days Every Monday & Thursday
SIPLMOD002 BTS & RF 45-180 Days Contact For More Details

Summer Telecom Training Modules

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
SIPLMOD003 BTS 30,45 Days Contact For More Details
SIPLMOD004 RF 30,45 Days Contact For More Details
SIPLMOD005 BTS & RF 45 Days Contact For More Details